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Are you interested in ongoing coaching that supports your leadership in carrying out organizational transformation? 

I’m here to support you. As the CEO and founder of Otisa Eads LLC, I would love to share my experience in HR strategy and operations, JEDI development and employee management with you, and act as your guide and teammate in making sure we prioritize the people in the process.

As your coach, I can provide 1:1 or leadership team coaching focused on:

  1. Accountability in executing strategic plans 

  2. Leadership development, especially leading as an anti-racist, inclusive leader

  3. Navigating obstacles related to employee engagement, JEDI development, HR systems and operations, governance restructuring and staff team development

Option 1: Group Coaching

Option 2: One-on-One Coaching

  1. 6, 1-Hour Group Coaching Sessions

  2. Virtual Sessions via Zoom

  3. Up to 6 participants per session

  4. Ongoing Whatsapp communication, voice notes preferred

  5. To be completed within a six-month time frame

  1. 6, 1-Hour Coaching Sessions

  2. Virtual Sessions via Zoom

  3. Ongoing Whatsapp communication, voice notes preferred

  4. To be completed within a six-month time frame

Group Coaching and Support for HR Leaders

Are you an HR manager or director, people operations officer, and/or organizational leader who is interested in a warm, collaborative, environment where you can gain community, resources,

and support around your role as an HR leader?

Join our monthly HR Safe Space!

We would love to have you join our monthly container where you can connect to our like-minded leaders with similar organizational goals, struggles, and visions, and renew your energy every month for continued transformation.


Coming in May 2023. Interested in more information? 

Our Clients Say

“Otisa is a phenomenal consultant and educator. She's done 2 training sessions with Arryved so far and I feel like she is part of our team which is a testament to how warm and friendly she is - and how she really personalizes each talk to each company. She is extremely engaging and I always look forward to learning from her. I walk away feeling more aware and confident on steps I can take to be more equitable and inclusive.”

Jennie Olsen, Arryved

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