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Our team offers a variety of consulting options that are all customized to your specific organizational needs. Whatever direction you choose to go in,

we are dedicated to customizing our services in a way that aligns with the specific strategy, resources and expertise that your team needs.

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HR Consulting

We provide consulting and ongoing development around job roles and

job description audits, policies review,

HR department organization,

HR staff development and empowerment, org. culture assessments, and conflict management

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Operations Consulting 

We provide consulting and ongoing development around the

hiring and onboarding process

review and development,

offloading processes (exit interviews),

streamlining internal systems,

and choosing operations platforms

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Strategy & Organizational Structure 

We provide consulting and ongoing development around long-term strategic planning, growth mapping, org. structure development, governance restructuring, and community

partner collaboration

Step-by-Step Process


Get to Know You

First, we take the time to get to know you as a client, and better understand your specific organizational needs around HR systems strategy and consulting. We do this by reading through the feedback you provide in the Inquiry Form  (fill out here). 

And then, by meeting with you virtually through our initial consult call.


Listen and Learn

After taking the time to listen, learn and analyze any issues presented, we are then able to determine what key next steps would lead to greater HR transformation, efficiency and

group harmony and we share those proposed next steps and recommendations with you.


Propose a Plan

If your team is in alignment with our suggested next steps, we then customize a plan that outlines deliverables, timeline, and budget and we work with you to make sure this plan fits your needs.


Ongoing Consultation and Coaching

Once our team and your team are ready to work together, we initiate the agreed-upon strategic plan and start taking action towards transformation. For some clients this phase includes highly frequent, weekly consultation calls that include HR, DEI and Leadership coaching, accountability, and navigating any obstacles presented (interested in coaching only? Learn more here) For others, this phase only requires quarterly or bi-monthly consultation that focuses on project updates, and accountability.


Training and Development Support

In addition to ongoing consultation and coaching, our team offers a number of training workshops, webinars, and retreat options for those organizations interested in this type of support. Not all clients may require this additional step, but many clients have benefited from the simultaneous process of taking steps towards HR systems transformation AND training their team to understand, implement and sustain these changes.


Debrief and Next Steps

At the end of our time together, we want to make sure that your team feels supported, clarified and confident in your ongoing journey of organizational transformation. In our final debrief call together, we talk through the necessary next steps and provide options for ongoing support from our team

and/or our list of recommended

consultants and trainers.

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