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HR Systems Strategy and Consulting

Let’s prioritize the people in the process

Did you know?

Systemic change in the U.S. is not only necessary, but it is also inevitable. 

In order for any organization to be at the forefront of inclusive and equitable transformation, they will need to prepare for major shifts in how their systems run and how they operate internally. 


Oftentimes, organizational leaders will start major system changes by focusing on the procedures, processes and materials, rather than the people that carry those out. This strategy may seem effective at first, but overtime, many leaders realize that a process or new system  is only as powerful as the people managing or carrying it out.


Our aim at Otisa Eads LLC is to provide strategic consultation and training that prioritizes the people involved in every step of systemic change. We harmonize all improvements made around operations with the enhancement of overall staff wellbeing.

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Meet Otisa

HR Systems Strategist

Otisa’s experience with Human Resources started in 2016 when she worked for a small catering company and supported a major transformation to their overall growth and success with her innovative onboarding and operational strategies. It was at this catering company that Otisa realized she had a knack for creating Human Resources strategies, and where she put a name to the role she’d created—HR Systems Strategist.


Strategic consultation and training focused on:

Org. structure and development


Leadership development

DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

What we don’t do:

  1. Payroll 

  2. Manage Employee Files

  3. Risk Management 

  4. Benefits & Health Insurance Management

  5. In-depth Compensation Analysis 

  6. Executing Full-Cycle Recruitment Efforts 

Our Clients Say

“Otisa goes above and beyond in her scope of work. She is always willing to meet one on one with all stakeholders in the organization. She has led our nonprofit through a governance transition with a lens towards racial equity and has gone above and beyond every step of the way. She has single-handedly set the foundation for how our nonprofit will move forward in the future, all while maintaining an approachable, collegial, and knowledgeable demeanour.”

Rachel Lynn



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