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Grow Your Vision

When it comes to providing your team with ongoing training, our team aims to provide you with the skills, resources, and expertise that matches your specific needs in your journey of organizational transformation. We are not in the business of training just to train or requiring people to sit through HR training just to check a box. Instead, we provide workshops around key HR-related topics that past clients have both asked for and greatly benefited from in the past (check out some of our past clients here). 

Training Topics:

  1. Employee Engagement

  2. Equitable Hiring & Interviewing Practices

  3. Inclusive Leadership Development

  4. Fostering an Inclusive Culture

  5. Conflict Management and Communication

  6. JEDI Committee Development (supporting any existing Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion teams or committees)

  7. Strategic Planning (Organizational Structure, HR, & People Operations)

We customize our favorite training and development topics to your team size, needs and location.

We offer the following training format options:

  • In-person and virtual, via Zoom (Metro Denver Area specific but travel outside of Denver available upon request)

  • 2-Hour training 

  • Half-Day Retreat, (4 hours) 

  • Full-Day Retreat, (8 hours) including lunch break

  • 2-Day Retreat (hours determined upon staff schedule)

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