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Our Approach

Otisa Eads Consulting integrates four key principles
as a guide for all of our work:


We have a deep understanding of what true change requires, and it involves organizational reevaluation at every level. Our team understands this process

and customizes our support plan in order to reflect these changes.

Transformation is the

result, and in order to reach that outcome we have to go through a series of stages.


We believe that a clear understanding of an organization’s mission and

values are imperative for both the client and our team. We provide strategic support that

reflects the organization’s authentic identity and we create space for client input at all stages of the process.

Holistic Leadership

We support key leaders in developing their management style to focus on supporting, redirecting, and empowering their teams to achieve their goals.

We believe that holistic leaders are able to manage teams, while also fostering meaningful relationships, establishing team interconnectedness, empowering an individual’s

capabilities, and clarifying expectations.

Staff Advocacy

We acknowledge that every organization has specific power dynamics at play that may or may not be explicit.

We are trained in supporting teams to address any obstacles that arise due to these dynamics or hierarchies that may exist.

Our aim is to make sure that all staff members have space for their concerns, ideas, and input to be adequately considered in long-term change.

About the Company

Otisa’s experience with Human Resources started in 2016, when she worked for a small catering company and supported a major transformation to their overall growth and success with her innovative onboarding and operational strategies. It was at this catering company that Otisa realized she had a knack for creating Human Resources strategies, and where she put a name to the role she’d created—HR Systems Strategist.


In 2018, Otisa started a side hustle as an HR Systems Strategist for small businesses, since she realized that the catering world was not always secure and employees could be laid off during slow seasons. From there, she grew her knowledge in HR by taking business classes in her spare time and learned that she could help streamline HR processes for businesses by creating organisational structures for the development, staffing and training. With these new practices in mind, Otisa expanded her expertise to nonprofits in 2020. This is where her mission became clear: to streamline, redefine, and restructure how HR functions within an organization.


In her business today, Otisa aims to help her clients by creating systems that evolve as organizations evolve. She thrives by building structures where there are none. Also, Otisa likes to take the time to get to know her clients in order to understand their problems, concerns and goals. She asks that her clients envision their future and then ask themselves: “Where do you want to be? What are the results and outcomes you want to achieve?” From there, Otisa helps build a strategy that the organization can work backwards from. She likes to make HR efficient and fun, by making a priority list for her clients that brings clarity, a sense of direction, and most importantly, structure. Otisa’s expertise includes consultation, facilitation, mediation, training, speaking, staff development and leadership coaching. 

Otisa Eads was born and raised in Westport, Kentucky. She attended Murray State University and double majored in Organizational Communication and Spanish.

She is passionate about working with clients who are willing and ready to bring internal changes to their organizations and finds joy in sharing information and strategies that will benefit staff and leadership teams.

Otisa currently lives in Denver, Colorado, where she enjoys the amazing music scene and spending time in nature. 

10 Random Facts about Otisa:

  1. I am named after my father. His name is Otis.

  2. In my spare time, I love expanding my knowledge of music by practising my DJing skills. 

  3. I am from a small town, Westport Ky (Population 253).

  4. My favourite animals are otters, elephants, hedgehogs, and sloths. 

  5. When I need to distress and unwind, I love going to karaoke with friends. My favourite song to sing at Karaoke night is Como La Flor by Selena Quintanilla. 

  6. My go-to comfort-binge TV shows are The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, The Nanny, and Golden Girls. 

  7. My most prized collection is the sloth items I have been gifted over the years and books.

  8. I love to travel and experience new cultures and I’ve been to Chile, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Bali. I hope to explore the world!

  9. My biggest fear is snakes. 

  10. Believe it or not, I could belt out Caro Mio Ben (I took opera lessons in high school).

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