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Meet The Team

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IG, FB and TT: @jennymedranocoaching

To learn more about Jenny Medrano and her company, click here.


Jenny Medrano

Business Development Lead and Trainer

Business Development Lead and Trainer


Jenny Medrano (she/they) is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator within the arenas of lifestyle, liberation and DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion). With over a decade of experience, Jenny pulls from her background of education and DEI training to inform all of the coaching and consulting that she currently does. She spent the last decade in Metro Denver, working within various nonprofits focused on empowering youth in their communities, most recently the nonprofit, Building Bridges.


Within her time at Building Bridges, she was able to jumpstart a DEI Development Program that reached over 100 different nonprofits, organizations, companies and universities by means of organizational and individual development. This experience fueled her passion for business development, training, speaking and coaching all in the realm of DEI and liberation.


Currently, Jenny pours all of her passion and heart into her coaching business, (Jenny Medrano Coaching) in the form of 1:1 Liberation coaching, group facilitation and course creation focused on liberation. All of the curriculum and content she creates is done through a lens of DEI, while also making sure to account for accessibility, as well as emotional and cultural intelligence. Her coaching is trauma-informed and holistic in wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

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Brie Zoller

Operations Consultant


Brie Zoeller helps growing startups, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs wrangle their dreams into reality with operational guidance and process implementation.


Her expertise comes into play by pinning your wildest dreams down, outlining how to make the dream a reality, and then implementing the processes to make that dream happen.

Once a dream is wrangled, it’s only a few processes away from coming true. Whether you’re a solopreneur looking for guidance or a startup needing a fill-in COO, Brie has you covered.


To learn more about Francesca and her company, click here.


Francesca Matteini

Social Media Manager and Marketing


Hello, I’m Fran (She/Her) and I am a Queer Womxn, class ’83, weirdo, metalhead, body positive, and fun.


I’m an OBM, Tech Creative VA.


My inclusive approach is dedicated to all the amazing people out there in need of help and guidance through this amazing online journey.



I will make sure everything works perfectly and your Online Marketing, Social Media, and Graphics are in alignment with your message, brand, and business idea!


I’ve been working online with service providers for 7 years and my expertise speaks for itself.

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